Interior Signs


ADA Identification Signs

ADA Identification SignsProviding ADA compliant signage is a very important part of an overall buildings plan. Designer Sign Systems has the expertise to provide the widest possible selection of products to choose from.

From the simple single color to the dramatic multi-layered sign you can meet ADA code. Because we custom manufacture every sign we have the experience and ability to take you from drab to fabulous and add an esthetic appeal to your halls and interior spaces.

ADA Code Signs

ADA Code SignsThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in July of 1990 by Congress. It prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, state and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities and transportation

This act has impacted all sign companies and business owners by requiring that permanent signage must include raised text and Grade II Braille. Designer Sign Systems is a recognized expert regarding ADA compliant signage and works very closely to design and manufacture signs that are compliant with ADA code.

In addition to manufacturing a wide variety of ADA compliant signage our installers are trained to install your signage to meet the required mounting guidelines as defined by ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

Dimensional Characters

Dimensional CharactersDimensional lettering and logos are a simple and elegant way to provide a building address or name. They are used on exterior monuments as well as a variety of other uses. Reception walls are a very popular use and provide an upgraded appearance as your visitors enter your space.

Designer Sign Systems works with a very wide variety of materials to meet your needs. From aluminum, to acrylics, laminates, or cast metals we have the solution for you. Step it up a notch and add LED lighting to your lettering for that added pop both inside and out.

Directional Signs

Directional SignsDirectional Signs provide an important function to both an indoor and outdoor space. These signs keep traffic moving and reduce confusion whenever there is a key decision point.

To be effective the text should be kept to a minimum with large easy to read fonts. Inside the signs are not usually illuminated but exterior sign are often illuminated.

Wayfinding signs are very similar but usually contain additional information.

Directory Signs

Directory SignsDid you know that there are hundreds of different styles of directory and directory strips? At Designer Sign Systems we can provide you with quick turnaround of virtually any style. Look for your replacement style or create a new directory designed just for you.

If you need a directory we have many directory options for you as well. We start with your site needs and design to fit you not the other way around. This ensures that the directory works for you not the other way around.

Dry Erase Signs

ADA Identification SignsSigns can often be more than just a simple room name or number. At Designer Sign Systems we specialize in the unique and Dry Erase signs are just one example. Check out our selection of Dry Erase marker boards that provide even greater function to your room signs by allowing anyone to write a message on it.

If you need additional functionality we have designed a series of signs intended for healthcare and Senior Living that provides a paper insert to create your own customizable background.

Informational Signs

Informational SignsInformational signs play a very important part of everyday life. When done poorly they stand out like a sore thumb. Like that dog eared piece of paper taped to the counter or wall you can't miss them.

At Designer Sign Systems we work with you to eliminate unneeded clutter and create informational signage that combines fit and function.

Projection Signs

Projection SignsProjection signs are an extension of our informational signs but when placed in the proper location aid in guiding people to locations but without taking up or cluttering valuable wall space.

Glow-in-the-Dark Signs

Glow-in-the-Dark SignsGlow-In-The-Dark (Photo luminescent) signs are an ideal solution when power is not practical or available. When exposed to light for as little as 10 minutes the sign will glow for hours.

Designer Sign Systems can customize this material to be meet your needs. Most commonly used for evacuation map inserts or stair signs they can be customized for many other uses as well.

Did you know that they can even be used to help illuminate stair steps in the event of an emergency making heading down a dimly lit stairwell safer and easier to navigate?

3D Vandal Resistant Signs

Informational SignsBorn out of an idea from 3M, Designer Sign Systems is one of the only signage manufacturers to provide a sign that the raised text and Braille cannot be scratched off. Unlike competitive product all of your color is thermal vacuum formed below a protective covering. This protects the color and provides the additional benefit of being able to clean the sign faces with more aggressive materials without harming the sign.

Sign Frames

Sign FramesSign frames are an often overlooked opportunity to enhance your signage. Frames are available in both plastic and aluminum and in a wide variety of colors.

Frames also provide additional protection for your signs. When used in combination with our Vandal Resistant signage you gain the confidence the your signs will be around and look great for years to come.