Sign Types


Experience elegance and visual appeal with interior signage from Designer Sign Systems. Interaction with your customer requires your best foot forward. Designer Sign Systems is your single resource to effectively launch cutting edge quality products with on time production. We will effectively meet expectations to draw attention to an upcoming event and increase visibility of your brand. We are specialist in working with a wide range of materials and styles to translate your company's branding into a powerful product that reflects your image. Designer Sign Systems also manufactures and installs signs to comply with ADA, ADAAG (Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines) and ICC/ANSI manufacturing standards including the new round top Grade 2 Braille requirements. We design with modularity and expandability in mind. Our interior signs can be customized to fit the current needs of your client's facility and also accommodate future growth and changes.

  • Room ID
    Interior Signs - Room IDPublic buildings typically require ADA-compliant signs, which have raised text, Braille, graphics standards, contrasting colors and international pictograms (restrooms, stairs, elevators, etc.) and must be installed in the proper location. Even within these constraints, we specialize in designing unique products that embrace virtually any interior theme. Colors, patterns, sizes and special features can be combined to create interior room identification signs that are functional and compliant, while coordinating attractively with your interior finishes.
  • Directional
    Interior Signs - DirectionalDirectional Signs make wayfinding and identification easier to assist people to their destinations. They help direct pointing clients, visitors, and employees to their destinations. A directory sign from Designer Sign Systems can be both a focal point for information, and an attractive illustration of your company's image. Made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship, our directory signs can be customized to meet both your needs and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Wayfinding
    Interior Signs - WayfindingWayfinding is a planned integration of visual information within an environment. Whether it is an airport, hospital or office building, Designer Sign Systems creates efficient solutions to fit your business. Directional signage and maps is critical to ensure building and campus visitors and employees are able to find their way. Designer Sign Systems has vast resources of options to compliment any of your other signage at any budget.
  • Life Safety
    Interior Signs - Life SafetyLife safety signs are an important requirement in all buildings. When it comes to pinpointing exits, stairways, evacuation routes, fire extinguishers and other regulatory locations, signs must communicate quickly and clearly. With crisp letters and universally recognized graphics these signs must provide comprehensive at-a-glance safety identification. Maximize you building safety features with our photoluminescent glow in the dark safety signs. We offer a variety of signs for any budget.
  • Environmental Graphics
    Interior Signs - Environmental GraphicsInteraction with your customer requires your best foot forward. We effectively meet expectations set by the customer. We can provide just what you need to draw attention to an upcoming sale or just increase visibility to your brand. Environmental Graphics are designed for lobbies, hallways, offices, conference rooms, etc. These signs produced are limited only to your imagination. Materials used and colors selected can all be put together to meet your design and decor needs. They can be designed to match your company identity, or used to spice up the atmosphere in your facility. From Floor Graphics, Custom Wall Art, Banners, Backlit Graphics and much more, Designer Sign Systems is your single resource to effectively launch cutting edge quality products.


Designer Signs Systems has extensive knowledge and experience in exterior signs. This signage is called upon to function in many ways. As a highly visible element, exterior signs represent the first opportunity to convey and reinforce your branding. Using wood, metals, aluminum, plastic and other weather proof durable substrates, we produce high quality, long lasting exterior signs. We provide many different techniques that can cater to your style and budget.

  • Monuments
    Exterior Signs - MonumentsFor apartments, schools, retail stores and other places of business, exterior monument signs can make a large impact. First impressions are key for drawing attention to your name and providing a classic and impressive look. Exterior monuments welcome potential customers and clients into your office. Monument signs are generally illuminated and can have a variety of face types from flat acrylic with vinyl to routed aluminum with acrylic copy. Nothing works more effectively than a monument sign to help direct passing motorists into your storefront. Using a vast array of materials, Designer Sign Systems can help design a sign that matches your building architecture, and serves as a beacon for customers.
  • Building Identification
    Exterior Signs - Building IdentificationExterior building identification signs take on the role of establish destinations and identifying particular buildings within multiple building facilities or campuses. Identification signs provide uniform identification of major buildings and should be strategically placed to be highly visible to motorists and pedestrians. These signs can bestow the simplicity of wall mounted signs with building numbers or names; more tailored channel letter structures for logos and logotype; or strategically placed freestanding post & panel signs, pylons or small monument type signs. The experienced staff at Designer Sign Systems will maximize your budget and brand.
  • Electronic Message Boards
    Exterior Signs - Electronic Message BoardsElectronic message boards are specially manufactured for the outside environment. They are capable of storing and displaying multiple messages in dozens of formats and at varying intervals. Electronic Message allows you to change your message frequently, but without the cost of replacing a sign or repair a sign. Electronic message boards allow you to communicate more effectively since they are placed to be highly visible to motorists and pedestrians. Designer Sign Systems cabinets are specially produced to withstand the harshest outside environment like snow, rain and direct sunlight. Electronic message boards draw attention to your name and brand making an impressive statement.
  • Traffic and Safety
    Exterior Signs - Traffic and SafetyDesigner Sign Systems will help you keep people safe by providing high quality Traffic and Safety signs that ensuring that drivers and pedestrians always use caution and follow laws. Our Traffic Safety signs direct traffic clearly and effectively. Our signs meet regulations and can be ordered with a post to save money. Designer Sign Systems is proud to sell high quality, long lasting, and trouble free signs that keep everyone safe.