Specialty Products

Integrated Suites

Integrated SuitesDesigner Sign Systems has created an easy to choose from signage system solution for the small office environment. Never be satisfied with those import signs that only come in the colors that they want you to buy.

The Designer Sign Systems Integrated Suites system is a complete solution of signs from picture holders, restroom, room identification, overheads, and even magazine racks that all integrate to provide a cohesive appearance within your office space. Best of all we have chosen some of today's most popular colors to choose from allowing you a variety of colors.

Need something more? Contact one of our account managers to learn about our completely customized signage for your office.

Modular Photo Boards

Modular Photo BoardsModular photo boards are a great and affordable way to display staff pictures. The system allows you to change images in seconds as your staff changes. Customize the headers to provide that unique look that captures the spirit of your company or school.

Evacuation Map Holders

Evacuation Map HoldersEvacuation maps are a very important aspect of the overall safety of a corporate office, apartment, school, or any other space in which many people are using.

Designer Sign Systems specializes in changeable insert holders of virtually any size. They reduce unsightly papers taped to doors and create a solution that is consistent with the other signage within the site.

Evacuation map holders can be used as a stand-alone solution or combines with other signage elements such as In Case of Fire, Stairwell, or other informational signs.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are an easy way to elevate your business. With either vinyl or digital print for both firsWindow Graphicst andsecond surface applications, there is a custom idea that can be created for all needs whether it be purely aesthetic, functional, or informational.